Quercetin and Exercise Performance

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Test subjects supplemented with the bioflavonoid quercetin, when performing extended exercise training, demonstrated improved exercise performance and delayed experience of fatigue compared to those exercising test subjects who did not receive the quercetin supplementation. IPM offers quercetin in the supplement ResveraGuard . Source: The Dietary Flavonoid Quercetin Increases VO2max and Endurance Capacity

Drug Addiction Treatment

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The addict conceives that he is insufficient without drugs, that his existence can only be maintained through drugs. It is our job to help him realize that survival is possible without drugs, indeed that life can be enhanced without drugs. This applies, by corollary, not only to illegal and legal “recreational” drugs, but also to… Read more »

EWG to discuss toxins on CNN

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Recently, EWG President Ken Cook met with CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta in Mossville, Louisiana, where they talked about the impacts of toxic chemicals on human health. You can watch this interview on Sanjay Gupta MD this Saturday or when it re-airs Sunday (April 10th and 11th) at 7:30am ET. We hope you… Read more »

Jamie Oliver Receives TED Award

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Chef and activist against childhood obesity, Jamie Oliver, recently received the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Award and gave a very inspirational speech. Click to view larger version

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A recent study was done on 40,830 men and 46,287 women, ages 45 to 74 years old to determine the benefits of taking magnesium. What was found was that men taking a higher amount of magnesium slashed their risk of getting colon cancer by 52%. For details on this study, CLICK HERE. For magnesium, IPM… Read more »