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Ozone Therapy

If you suffer from sinus issues then nasal ozone is a must for you!

I have been doing nasal ozone on a monthly basis for over one year. I have not had laryngitis for over a year now! For a singer who uses their voice with daily practice and weekend performances, nasal ozone has reduced my inflammation in the nose and secondary the throat. I still will have occasional allergy flare ups, but I am still able to sing through it!

Thanks to Dr. Sosin for bringing the best and most safe therapies for all of us. Also, a personal thanks to all the medical assistants who administer the nasal ozone.

Thank you again for all you do for us!

With much gratitude,
I was in a car accident 2 1/2 years ago. The pain in my knee was not terrible at first but got progressively worse over the net year and half. I had surgery then, hoping to resolve the issues. After recovering 8-10 months, I still had continued pain, swelling every night and the knee still seemed to be getting worse. I read about the prolozone, looked up local doctors and came to Dr. Sosin. We determined I was a good candidate and started treatment. That was 2 months and three shots ago. My knee has not felt this good in 2 years. I am now hopeful I will once again get to enjoy some of the activities I love.
My husband is a hairdresser and one day at work a client in the salon handed him a business card for the Institute of Progressive Medicine. The client had overheard him mentioning that his wife had a frustrating illness and was only getting worse over the previous 11 months. She sympathized that she had been there once herself and gave him hope.

After years of painful symptoms and a few stumped doctors, a second colonoscopy finally revealed I had severe ulcerative colitis. The year leading up to the diagnosis was particularly difficult, as the symptoms had progressed quite a bit. I first appeared to Dr. Sosin in December and I hadn't been taking any prescription medication, I was trying Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with controlling my diet and lifestyle. I had tried the prescription drugs for a few weeks after the initial diagnosis and had very strong side effects, which were to me as bad as the disease. I decided I needed a more natural healing path, which was unsupported by the previous doctors I had met with.

Four months had passed since my diagnosis and at my first appointment, I was weak and down to 108 lbs with no muscle as I had been in bed for a month, usually I am 125 lbs. I sat in his office and was exhausted after climbing a few stairs. He completed his exam and knew just what my body needed, recommending some vitamins, supplements, further diet adjustments, and ozone therapy. I was also seeing someone for Traditional Chinese Medicine for herbs and acupuncture, which Dr. Sosin advised I continue. He also ordered blood work, an allergy test, and I received an immune drip. I left hopeful and already felt more cared for after one meeting with Dr. Sosin, he was so thorough.

At my next appointment, my blood work confirmed his recommendations, and I even discovered that I had a few food allergies. I was already feeling some improvement after the above and at this point had my first ozone treatment.

Over the next two months, I continued with Traditional Chinese Medicine, followed all of Dr. Sosin's orders and received four ozone treatments total. I am humbled to report that since my diagnosis, my symptoms went from severe to moderate, moderate to mild, and mild to completely non-existent.

I have been UC free for two months now, when I first saw Dr. Sosin, it would be a matter of hours in between debilitating attacks and I couldn't imagine having even a day without symptoms. When I first presented, I no longer was able to exercise, go out to dinner, have meals at friend's houses, do anything in the mornings, enjoy spontaneous plans, make plans, or even work and my blood work had "high" and "low" flags on almost every line. Now, I have gained my weight and strength back, I am regularly attending Yoga, Pilates and going on hikes with friends, which I desperately missed and my blood work is back to normal. My body feels better than I ever remember and I have been able to resume my life again which had been put on hold. My quality of life is without a doubt incomparable to before. Dr. Sosin and the staff at the Institute for Progressive Medicine were instrumental in returning me to true health.
I have been receiving prolozone injections and have had vast improvement with my neck and back pain. The pain had been vicious. After 30 years, I am now able to take on activities that I couldn't before. The ozone works tremendously for inflammation.
I have had various IV therapies performed here at the Institute for Progressive Medicine. My first experience was the UVL/Ozone. I got an immediate increase of energy and well-being. I have moved through to the EDTA, PK Protocol, Immune Drip and the Stress Drip - each improving overall health. Most recently, I tried the curcumin and had a great response.

Once you discover how to help yourself and improve your own health, you will take charge of your own outcome and quality of your life. Dr. Sosin and Dr. Harden can lead you to this road.

  • This information is provided for informational purposes only. Never add, change, or discontinue medication or treatment without first consulting your doctor. To make an appointment with a doctor at the Institute for Progressive Medicine, please call 949-600-5100.