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My bone density has improved dramatically from below average to the top 1%!

I came to Dr. Sosin at the Institute for Progressive Medicine suffering from severe osteoporosis in my spine and left hip. My weight loss caused me major concern. Dr. Sosin began treating me for my severe bone loss. In one year, my bone density has improved by 60% because of his care. Dr. Sosin discovered that my weight loss was due to a thyroid imbalance. I was always tired. That was a year ago. My weight is now up, my energy has returned, and I feel like a new person!

Little did I know, when my brother recommended Dr. Sosin, that I could feel so great in just one year. I'm so thankful for Dr. Sosin for his kindness and knowledge. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of treatment of any kind.
- G.G. 3-15-05

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