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Natural Hormone Replacement

I began using the pellet method for natural hormone replacement. Pleasantly, I have noticed an increase in libido in the middle eight weeks of the cycle.
I can't thank Dr. Sosin enough. The natural hormones he prescribed have completely changed my life. The night sweats, moodiness and "brain fog" have finally disappeared. I sleep wonderfully and have more energy. My menopause "spare tire" around my midsection is gone! The protein shake and supplements have made me feel fantastic. My skin texture and elasticity are greatly improved. Dr. Sosin has a wonderful bedside manner and employs friendly professionals. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Doctor Kahn,

Thank you so much for your care a couple of weeks ago. You helped me with a compounded estrogen/testosterone formula. Good work! I can't believe the difference and I haven't even used it for a whole week yet. I really can't thank you enough after being uncomfortable for over two years. I should have seen you sooner.
My body continues to respond well to the implanted testosterone pellets. Muscles in my legs began to increase strength within 10 days to 2 weeks. By today, going up and down stairs is greatly improved, and my arms and back are doing well. My dancing friends notice, and comment that they sense my increased strength. The results are wonderful, and all this at age 85! Thank you very much.
The Institute for Progressive Medicine has made my life worth living again. I had given up going to traditional doctors, as they would always either ignore my symptoms or prescribe a pharmaceutical drug. I was prescribed antidepressants, narcotic pain relievers and cholesterol lowering drugs. I was just exhausted, and was getting a respiratory infection every few months.

The pellet therapy made me come alive again. I have lost nearly twenty pounds, exercise regularly and have lowered my Cholesterol by nearly 80 points! I have more mental clarity and energy, and my husband says that I am much nicer to be around.

Dr. Sosin helped me to choose nutritional supplements that have boosted my immune system. I have been able to fight off colds more efficiently. Some recent back pain was also relieved with Dr. Kahnís wonderful acupuncture treatment. As I re-read this, it sounds like a miracle has occurred but it is the truth. I thank you all so much.
I really didn't have a lot of trouble with menopause but there was lingering "malaise" feeling I had for many years. I thought I was stressed or depressed but then maybe that was just the way life was right then. It didn't make since that I was depressed because I'm not normally like that. I didn't think it was something to worry about, but when I told my OB/GYN she told me that I just wasn't going to be as energetic as I've been and that it was natural to "slow down" at my age. I really didn't like that diagnosis. Years went by and at 63 I could tell I was not feeling as romantic as I normally did towards my husband.

I came to Institute for Progressive Medicine to get vitamin drips and a checkup. I talked to the doctor when she suggested hormone pellets therapy. I had tried other hormones in the past and would always forget them or not feel good when I took them. Well, these pellets have changed my life. I have so much more energy, the malaise feeling lifted and I found myself feeling happy without trying to force it. All my sleep problems went away. My husband noticed the difference right away in my attitude and how I approached life. And it is so easy. You just do them every four months and then forget about it. I never had any severe symptoms that needed treatment, but I never realized how the lack of hormones had affected my life. I definitely smile a lot more. Thank you for all your help and patience.
Due to an early hysterectomy I had to take hormones. I took Premarin for years and developed lumps. I heard about bioidentical hormones which is why I went on the creams for years. It worked pretty well until I heard about pellets.

I canít say enough about how easy they are. I feel more energetic than ever. They are so easy! I do not have to worry on a daily basis.

My husband is also on pellets for his testosterone. It has kept his weight down. He also feels more energetic.

Absolutely the best!
I am soon to be a 59 year old female. Iíve been married for 30 years now. Iíve been using the HRT pellet therapy for almost 2 years now and am very pleased with it. I started my struggle over 12 years ago, in my mid 40ís, when I lost interest in sex. I tried bio identical hormone creams from a compounding pharmacy for months but they did not work for me so I discontinued them. At that time I felt that this was a natural progression of life and this was the way it would be. I accepted the effects of unbalanced hormones, low estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The following years of our marriage were average. We enjoyed each other but mostly on a friendship basis because there was very little intimacy. My husband would pout from time to time and made remarks about my lack of sexual interest and that made me resent him. When we did have sex, which went from twice a month to once a month, I didnít enjoy it because the desire was not there, it was uncomfortable, and there was no loving connection with my husband. The pellet has changed all of that. I feel incredibly sexy and I never imaged, at my age, I would look forward to and anticipate having sex twice a week, sometimes more, and the best part of it is that itís enjoyable. I feel more connected and in love with my husband now than I ever have. I have many friends that are struggling with the same thing I went through. I encourage them to consult with Dr. Sosin.

Honestly, when I came to the Institute for Progressive Medicine, I did it as a last resort for my husband. This was the final step I would go in regards to my low libido. I was not optimistic about it, but was willing to give it a try. The pellet ended up being the best thing Iíve ever done for myself! (and my husband is the happiest man ever!)

I have noticed other benefits from the pellet. I have more energy, I think more clearly, my skin is not as dry and my hair feels healthier. I feel more in control of my behavior when it comes to food choices, eating habits, handling stresses in my life and my moods are better. And I certainly do not feel 59!
The loss of sexual desire is a loss of passion in events, a relationship, not just your mate, but less interest in daily activities, even travel. Once the natural hormones were introduced, my well being and attitude towards myself have changed Ė what a life! My husband now has an interest in me as a whole person even though libido is increased dramatically. No more painful intercourse or dryness. I feel so elevated and happy to romp in the bedroom again Ė sex is fun!! Iím now making up for lost time, 18 years to be exact.

Thank you, Dr. Sosin for your needed work in this field. Not all doctors care to take the time to care for the whole woman (smile).

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