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Heart Disease, Avoiding Surgery

I suffered a heart attack. I was rushed to the hospital where they performed two angioplasties. The next day I was told by a young doctor from the cardiology team that I still have a third plugged artery and if O didn't have a bypass surgery, in a month I was going to die.

I went back to Dr. Sosin. After he studied the hospital file, he told me that my heart function was good and he did not think I needed a bypass. He recommended a cardiologist to me in Newport Beach who performed an angioplasty on the blocked artery. After 4 months, I feel fine. However, I still remember the negative psychological impact that the young doctor's statement had on me.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sosin who helped me to avoid a bypass surgery and with whom I hope to work with to decrease the amount of medication I am still taking.
- P.T.

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