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Cholesterol and Hypertension

This is a life changing hope for tomorrow major success story. I came to Dr. Sosin two years ago with elevated cholesterol levels up in the high risk area, as well as very high blood pressure. Through his expertise of knowing the correct combinations of minerals, vitamins, diet and exercise, my cholesterol reading today is in a normal range, and the wonderful part for me is that it was all done naturally. This means at age 72, I have overturned years of bad eating habits, and neglect of health and I know that I can continue with this program because it naturally fits into my way of living healthfully and gives more future to look forward to in a state of alertness, vitality and enthusiasm.

Thank you Dr. Sosin for helping me get through the hard part to this wonderful stage of health as I approach my 73rd birthday.
- J.F.

I've had a long history of high cholesterol which also runs high in my family.  Recently, a physician suggested I try Lipitor like my father in order to control my cholesterol, but I was hesitant due to the side affects.  I reached out to the Institute for Progressive Medicine to help me manage my concerns.  After using niacin, fish oil and other supplements I couldn't believe my results.  In just over one month I brought my cholesterol count down from 282 to 202!  That's an 80 point drop with little exercise, moderate diet changes, and a commitment to the suggestions and recommendations of the doctor.  It's simply amazing and I was shocked with the positive results.  I'm certainly committed to their suggestions and am excited to continue improving my health and overall wellness.

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