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Chelation & IV Therapy

Dr. Sosin, Thank you and your staff for your expertise and efforts to improve my health. The comprehensive approach you take to evaluate the whole person and restore health is excellent. Shannon provided my chelation treatments for heavy metals. I feel significantly better after going through the chelation treatments. My mercury levels went from 9.5 times the allowable limits to non-detectable. Thank you for your expertise and caring.

I have finished 4 PK protocol treatments that you originally prescribed. No problems or side effects. I have experienced significant gains in my short-term memory, and in my ability to focus and concentrate. I think that this may be due to the PK protocol treatments.
I have been receiving immune drips for several months now. I am feeling great. I no longer have the viral infection of the semi-circular canal in my ear that was causing vertigo. Also, a before and after C.T. scan has shown a slight reduction in the size of a mass in my lung. I believe it will ultimately disappear.

When I had my first IV Immune Drip last week I was extremely tired and was recovering from a recent trauma to my system.  I had no preconceived ideas of how it would help me but I trust the doctors to recommend their best solutions, so I gave it a try.  By the time I drove home I began to feel a peaceful energy coming over my body and was noticeably brighter and calmer.  I slept wonderfully that night.  In the morning I realized I was most definitely on the road to recovery!!  Aches and pains I had for years were lessened and I felt ten years younger.  I told my husband that I felt I had connected up with a fountain of youth.  But, best of all, I knew my health issue was being addressed without the use of surgery. Thank you!

Whenever I come to the Institute for Progressive Medicine, I always feel I am in good hands. The staff know their business and their patients. The vitamin drip I received was what I needed and I could feel more relaxed and better almost instantly.

Our experience with IV therapy at the Institute for Progressive medicine under Dr. Sosin's direction has been extremely beneficial and pleasant to say the least. The IV therapies have greatly contributed to saving my fathers life. My Dad first came to see Dr. Sosin at age 53 with severe cirrhosis of the liver in a very critical, life threatening state, feeling very weak. He began IV therapy immediately consisting of the PK protocol, Immune drips, sodium phenylbutyrate and detox drips along with other diet changes and supplements advised by Dr. Sosin.  He quickly began to feel better and regain his strength and immune system. From that point on he just started feeling better and better each day. Every week his blood tests revealed his body was improving in every aspect and his liver function was increasing indicating it was starting to heal. It was incredible considering our previous conventional physician had told us that he only had 2 years to live and a liver transplant was not an option because he was not a good candidate and too weak to handle the surgery.  Dr. Sosin was positive and encouraged us that we could actually repair his liver with safe, natural therapies too.  His knowledge was impressive and his successful experience with IV therapies gave us peace of mind. The IV therapies and program made such a dramatic difference that we temporarily moved to Irvine for 5 months (we live an hour 1/2 away) so that we could continue treatment.  It has been 9 months now and my Dad's progress is impressive both on paper and the way he feels. He is on his way to make a full recovery. He's 54 and feels better then he has in 20 years. He's full of energy all day and feels great. It was amazing to see the transformation.

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