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Skin Conditions

My right hand was fully erupted with weeping eczema. Dr. Sosinís regimen included applying a cream followed by an inclusive dressing with a rubber exam glove overnight. He also had me avoid all dairy and cane sugar. With his treatment, this troublesome disease cleared up in one week!


I am 29, female and have auto immune psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I began doing the PK protocol, immune drips and MSM drips and I also benefited from them. The MSM helped with the inflammation and reducing the frequency of my prescription for reducing joint swelling and the PK protocol really helped with the stress I was encountering managing an overwhelming amount of work at the time. My energy also increased greatly and I noticed it boosted my mood and made me feel happier even though I was already happy, which was a nice bonus.  I also noticed it helped with my memory and cognitive function by allowing me to think much clearer and faster which increased my productivity with work. My psoriasis improved slightly as well.


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