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After two years of struggling with congestive heart failure I found the Institute for Progressive Medicine. I was barely able to walk or climb stairs. Dr. Sosin gave me a thorough exam and recommended EECP along with other treatments. After 35 EECP treatments I lost 30 lbs. and was able to reduce prescription drugs to a minimum. I feel great, and with maintenance treatments, I expect to experience a gradual improvement. I am now able to walk up stairs with minimum effort. My swelling is gone, my sleeping has improved and my energy level is vastly improved. Thank you Dr. Sosin and the Institute for Progressive Medicine.
- L.E.

Dear Dr. Sosin,

This letter is a short report of my experience with EECP treatment at your center. Aside from the fact that it was simple, it was pleasant and was of great benefit to me. I felt a definite shift in my well-being after my third treatment. There was an increase in my energy and most noticeable of all, an increase in my leg strength. Whereas I had to use a handrail to assist me in climbing even a short flight of stairs, it was no longer necessary. I could climb up the middle of a stairway. The following list is where I have received benefits:

- more energy
- more leg strength
- increased mental acuity
- easier breathing
- seem to have better circulation

I also have to report the result of an appointment with the electrocardiophysiologist who implanted my pacemaker/defibrillator unit. He was so pleased with my increased heart strength that he regulated the unit down to 60 beats per minute. He said that my heart was now able to do more of the needed work, which in turn made me notice an increase in feeling well. In closing, I would not hesitate to recommend the EECP treatments to anyone. I also without hesitation recommend you, your staff and your clinic.
- F.S.

I have had thirty five treatments of EECP that has been beneficial to the quality of my life. Before the therapy, I could walk around for about five minutes. Since completing EECP, I can walk around for approximately an hour before resting. Six years ago, I had a stroke which affected the right side of my body. I had to use my left hand to raise my right arm and hand. Now that I have finished EECP, I can raise my right arm and hand without help. I am also more alert, energized and have less pain. Thanks to Dr. Sosin and staff for introducing and administering EECP to me.
- B.S.

Before I started EECP, I had a triple bypass surgery, numerous angioplasties, stents in the iliac arteries of the legs and a carotid artery surgery in my neck. I was on fifteen different medications. I am also a diabetic and have kidney disease with one kidney working only at 20% and the other at 80%.

EECP has improved my kidney function and I now have no chest pain. I can now walk 1-2 miles with no problems where before I could not walk 1-2 blocks. I have cut my blood pressure medication by 240mg and my diabetic medication by 2.5 mg so far.

Dr. Sosin is an excellent practitioner and understands the heart, kidneys and diabetic medications. My blood pressure now runs 120/70 or 130/70 most of the time. My sugar level runs about 100-130. My legs feel much better than they have for years. The doctor's all natural supplements have helped me twice as good as prescription medications with no side effects. All the office personnel are great and the technicians are excellent. I am very happy with the results.
- D.C.

I had open heart surgery on June 20, 2002. I was in and out of the hospital thirteen times in the following ten months. I have been on over thirty three different prescription medications. The side effects of the medication and the multiple return trips to the hospital have been very unpleasant and exhausting. I had been unable to drive my car due to side effects of the medications.

On the advice of Dr. Sosin, and the recommendation of Dr. Bello, I began EECP treatment on May 6, 2003. After a very few treatments I began to feel much better. I have more energy physically and mentally. I have now completed the 35 treatments recommended and I feel better now than I have felt in the last couple of years. My prescriptions have been dropped to five. I am a firm believer in EECP.
- R.H.

Just a short note to tell you how much better I have felt after undergoing EECP treatments at your office.  My energy has returned and my heart seems to be healthy. Thanks for prescribing this treatment. -R.H.

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