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CHF & Diabetes

Two years ago I had a massive heart attack. All three of my arteries were 90% clogged. I had two angioplasties and stents put in to open up my arteries and improve my circulation. After six months the stents had reclogged. I had severe heart failure and my diabetes was out of control. My BNP count was 2124 (normal is less than 200) and I was so weak and out of breath that I could barely walk. Also, I had retained about 20 ponds of fluid from my heart failure.

Then I decided to come to the Institute for Progressive Medicine to see Dr. Sosin. He started me on a program of chelation, Plaquex and Natrecor. A year later my BNP count has been within normal range, my diabetes has been under control and my fluid retention had diminished. I am also able to walk long distances without any shortness of breath.

Dr. Sosin is an excellent doctor. He cares and listens to his patients. His whole staff is WONDERFUL! They are always there to answer any questions I have and they always give you the best care. They should be commended for their excellent service.
- W.Q.

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